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In Jeju (Seungho): Chapter 8

-Seungho and Lauren-

Lauren greeted the morning sun as she separated the drapes to let the light in. It hit Seungho on his face and he groaned. “Princess… I’m still sleepy…” he said. “But appa! It’s past lunch time and you’re still sleepy? Don’t tell me you’re still sulking about unnie? Come on and get up, appa! We can see her again today, you know! Does she not like you too, appa!?” Lauren said with a reasoning tone. She was standing on the bed beside Seungho with her arms on her hips. She pouted at him. “Appa…” she said once more.

“Look, Lauren…” Seungho got up and looked seriously at Lauren. Lauren saw this and put hands down to her sides slowly to give him respect. “It’s not like that… I still don’t know what she feels about me but one thing’s for sure: I know she’s mad at me right now for being an idiot…” he stated. Lauren sadly looked at her father and sat beside him. She hugged him tightly, closing her eyes in the process. “Appa… please don’t be sad…Please don’t lose hope…I know you like unnie…” she said to him.

“I know… I like ____… so much… that I might love her already…” he mumbled to himself.

Is it really possible to love someone in just two days? Or is just because he thinks he should take care of her, a free-spirited, bubbly and courageous girl yet also a kid who needs someone beside her? Seungho wasn’t sure about many things but you always appear in his mind and you won’t leave it. You make his heart flutter so much that you needed to be beside her always.

Lauren watched her father tearing up slowly. She turned to him sadly and hugged him tightly. “Appa… please don’t cry…” she said.

“I won’t cry, princess… I won’t…” he assured her.

No matter what may happen, he is sure to do one thing: he will find you and he will tell you about his true feelings about you.


You were alone inside your room. You were sitting on your bed and hugging your knees tightly. This is your last day in Jeju and you weren’t gonna see Seungho when you go home. He will go back to his normal idol days, being fawned over by female and male fans alike. He will return as the charismatic and chic leader of MBLAQ. You didn’t know the group but you still wished them the best because of him.

You’re thinking like this… does this mean that your feelings are deeper?

Knock, knock, knock. You heard three noises at the door. You were wondering who it is and so you stood up and walked towards the door. You held the key and opened it slowly.

“Yah, wasting your time here at Jeju, _____?”

You looked up and were so shocked to see your older brother in front of you. He looked strict and he quickly held your wrist tightly, making you twitch your eyes a little bit. “O-Oppa! What are you doing here?!” you shouted. He was slightly glaring at you as he pulled you inside your room and made you sit on your bed.

“Oppa! Why are you here?” you asked.

Your older brother shot a deathly glare at you before he spoke. “Where’s your money, ____?” he asked you with a stern tone. “I-I…” you tried to explain. “It got snatched yesterday…” you added.

“I knew it. I just leave you for work and then you get into trouble quickly? The hotel called me because you gave my number as an emergency contact and they are complaining to me that you’re not yet paying the charges for your food until now… and dammit, you’re gonna check out in two hours, for Pete’s sake!” he shouted.

“We’re leaving… now…” he said, walking inside the bathroom and starting to pack your things.

Your brother dominated you in many ways. He was older and sure, he was better than you in many aspects, if not all. You were somewhat scared of him because of this and so you always give up on him and follow his orders.

This made you tear up and look down. You were really feeling weak today and what’s more, your older brother is here. That means things won’t go your way until he leaves you again.

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