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In Jeju (Seungho): Chapter 9


You were dragged by your older brother towards the reception desk with all of your stuff with him. “Oppa, you don’t have to pull me, it’s as if I’m going to escape…” you muttered. He let go of your hand as you stood behind him, hiding yourself from the receptionist.

“Here’re all the payments, miss… I’m sorry if my sister caused too much trouble…” your older brother said. The receptionist smiled at him and bowed. “It’s fine, sir. Thank you for the payment… will you check out now, ____-ssi?” she asked you nicely. You nodded shyly and kept yourself from her sight.

You went out with your oppa as he took you to his car. “Our flight’s three hours from now. We’ll arrive at the airport after thirty minutes…” he told you. You just sat beside him, quiet and uneasy. You played with your fingers and looked outside the window, avoiding his eyes.

You thought about how Seungho was doing right now but you couldn’t help to think that he is okay now, not thinking about you and maybe he’s enjoying with Lauren. You were happy if he was enjoying himself with his daughter. She was very lovely and jolly. She would cheer him up when he’s down.

However, you do not have anyone to cheer you up when you’re down.

“Oppa? Can I… can I ask you something?” you asked, not looking at him. Your oppa turned to you with an emotionless look upon his face. “What is it?” he answered.

“If in case you meet someone who just lost his wife months ago, what do you think does it mean if he kisses you?” you muttered, looking away fully from him. You bit your lip in anticipation of his answer. “I think he’s just in that stage when he’s couldn’t move on alone. He needs a new woman but it does not necessarily mean that this new woman means something huge to him… maybe it’s just a fling or a sudden burst of emotions… wait, why are you asking me that?” he asked with a suspicious tone.

You looked away and outside the window, stopping your tears from falling. You covered your mouth to stop your shaking. “No… nothing s-special… I just… watched a drama with something like… th-that…” you mumbled. You shook your shoulders slightly but you needed to stop it and so you rested your head on the seat and closed your eyes. Your brother continued to drive you both safely to the airport.

So you were just a rebound? He was just moving on and he decided to use you like that? You refused to believe it… but you think your oppa’s answer made a lot of sense.

-Seungho and Lauren-

 Seungho and Lauren were finished packing. They were about to leave when suddenly, Seungho saw Lauren going inside the bathroom. He furrowed his bros at what she did as he walked towards her.

“Princess? We’re leaving already, why are you still…?”

Seungho felt an arrow hit his heart in pain because of what he saw: Lauren was crying softly. She was looking down, rubbing her eyes. Seungho felt his heart breaking upon the tears of his dear princess. He quickly knelt beside her and hugged her. He kissed her cheeks and tried to console her. “Lauren… why are you crying, baby?” he asked her. She just sniffed and looked away from him. “Why? Why? Tell me…” he desperately told her.

“Appa… I miss unnie… I miss her so much… I love unnie too like you love her… please appa…” she started. She looked at Seungho and hugged him by the neck. “Please get her back, appa… she’s so kind and loving to the both of us…” she added.

These words from his own daughter… the woman he met two days ago… she made too much of an impact to both of them… they loved her both.

Seungho’s eyes became serious. He definitely loved her. He wanted her to be his. He wanted her to become his only.

"Ssh… don’t cry, Lauren. Appa will get your unnie back… I promise…” he told her, finally clenching his fist with his final decision.

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