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In Jeju (Seungho): Chapter 11

You were oblivious though as to why Lauren dragged you outside. She led you towards the couches and you two sat there. “Lauren? My flight’s already on its last call… I won’t be able to catch it if we continue this…” you pleaded. Lauren pretended that she didn’t hear you talking. She just smiled and looked around happily as the mic cracked from the intercom.

“Sum jocha shigi himdeun shigandeul, nae mogeuljo ineun sesangeun

Amuri jiuryeo aesseo bwado, gyesok nareul jakkuman sseureojige haneunde

Naega gajin jeonbu ojik neo hana ppunya

Neoreul nohji anheulge…

“You’re my last love, neon nae majimak sarang

You’re my last love, kkeuteul hamkke hal saram

Geochin sesange seo bada naen hanaye seonmul

Nae nunape tto dareun gijeok, you’re the last love…”

You were so shocked to hear that familiar voice. Even if you were somewhat unfamiliar to the idol world and MBLAQ itself, you knew who was singing. This time, Lauren leaned against your shoulder and hugged your arm. “Unnie… this is how he really feels about you…” she told you. Tears were starting to flow from your eyes.

“Annyeong hasaeyo, everyone. If you could just please take a few minutes to listen to me…” he started. He sighed as he paused and breathed heavily. You gulped in nervousness.

“No one would believe me if I say it’s true that someone could actually fall in love with a woman he only met three days ago. It would be easy to say that it’s just a fling or hey, maybe you just liked her because she’s pretty hot in that swimsuit… but when I experienced it first-hand, I was actually shocked that it CAN be true for some people. You may judge me now for being an idiot or being too impulsive and aggressive with my words and actions but… I’m sure you would believe me if I say that I fell in love with a woman who was too kind and down-to-earth to even accept me as a normal man even though I already have my own daughter who’s three years old now. This woman hesitated to be with me because she knew the consequences of our actions for those three days… but when she found out that I my wife and I are already separated, she was scared… scared to think that I was just using her to get rid of my loneliness… and yes, I am a fool to even do that. I did not think of that for a second when I’m with her. I just thought… hey, this girl is different from others. She cares for others more than herself. She seeks the safety of others more than herself. She’s perfect… she’s the perfect woman for me, no one else…”

Those words hit you like thunder. You started to cry softly while covering your mouth and closing your eyes. The people around you smiled at you for understanding your situation.

“Don’t look down, unnie…” Lauren said as she left your side, making you look forward. You saw Seungho already kneeling in front of you. He did not have a mic with him anymore but he tried his best to say these next words out loud. “If only this lovely woman would accept me now for my love for her… no, I would accept her answer: a yes or a no. As long as it comes from her mouth. I will accept it wholeheartedly… _____-ah?” he said sweetly and smiled at you. The people were reacting to Seungho’s gestures. It made their hearts flutter, for sure. You couldn’t say a thing for now and so you just cried and covered your face with your palms. “____-ah… please don’t cry… I’m here…” he said while taking you into his arms. He rubbed your shoulders as people started to murmur. Some clapped and some old ladies were tearing up even. Your older brother was there too, hiding behind some people. He saw the sincerity of Seungho towards you. He only managed to smirk at the sight of you two.

“I don’t want you to leave me… I know I was too fast when I kissed you yesterday but I meant that kiss because I love you so much…” he said, trying to comfort you.

“S-Seungho…” you started. You hugged him back and answered. “I love you too… thank you so much for loving me…”

The people around you applauded for the “happy ending” that they saw in front of their very own eyes. Lauren also smiled and clapped happily as she approached you two. “Congratulations, unnie, appa! Yay, you two are back together! Appa, does this mean I will have a new mama?” she innocently asked Seungho.

You could only blush at her comment. “Lauren, I think we should talk about that first… no, better yet, I think we should all go back to Seoul first…” you replied. Seungho smiled and you and kissed you cheek softly, making you blush at him. “What was that for?” you asked shyly. “That’s for being so cute and adorable, just like you always were…” he answered. He then turned to Lauren and winked. “I think it’s a yes, princess…” he tried to whisper. “Yah!” you yelled cutely at him when he tried to tease you. You three laughed at one another as you hugged.

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