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Seungho: Touch Me


Note: This scenario is best read while listening to Touch Me by Flo Rida- I can’t put it here so please please please find the mp3! I’m sorry if this takes time but yeah, you will enjoy it more while listening to this song! >:D< thank you!

Seungho and you were inside MBLAQ’s dressing room. What was surprising was that you two were alone. The other members maybe went out to buy drinks for the group and the staff. You were listening to your IPod, sitting on the couch while you looked at him. He was touching his lip because his make-up was slowly disappearing after their performance. Suddenly, “Touch Me” by Flo Rida played on your IPod. Your eyes widened at the intro of the song.

If you like my body, touch me, touch me, touch me~

Immediately, your eyes widened because of the impact it had on you while looking at Seungho. As you listened to the urban beats of the song, you remember how he always loved the show off his sexy waves and bboying to A+ during broadcasts and fan meetings. You closed your eyes and looked away, trying to keep your attention away from him.

Touch me, touch me baby, touch me all night long~

This line instantly made you tingle. It made our body shiver because of random reasons. Your thoughts are now only made up of how Seungho danced his way through the sexy and steamy song. He threw his cap once and he did his signature flip which had you falling for him more.

“Jagi? Are you sleepy?” that whisper. When you opened your eyes, you saw Seungho leaning towards you, his face inches from yours, his arms on both your sides in order to block your way out. He whispered inside your ear with that hot breath of his. His eyes. His dark clouds. They were on you. Your eyes widened and you looked away, blushing. “O-Oh, no oppa… I was just closing my eyes…” you mumbled. He blinked at you innocently. “Why?” he asked you. You didn’t know how to react and so you only bit your lip in embarrassment. Seungho somehow heard the beat of the song playing in your IPod. He suddenly got your earphones and out then on his earlobes. He heard “Touch Me” and it created an instant sexy smirk on his chubby lips. Your eyes widened in shock and shame. He suddenly looked at you and slowly locked your hair behind your left ear. You blushed harder at his actions. “Oppa?” you mumbled.

Seungho’s eyes were filled with dark lust. He kissed you hungrily, his hand going down to your neck, pulling you closer to him. Your hands were trembling but for some reasons, you didn’t cut the kiss and push him. Instead, you leaned on the couch and got one of the earphones. You tucked it on your ear as you both now listened to the song. He pressed the left button to replay the song as he chuckled in the kiss. “Jagi… you’re really naughty, baby…” he hissed. Yo bit his lower lip as he deepened the kiss, making his tongue explore your mouth. Seungho now had his hands on your thighs. He pressed them hard, making you stifle a moan. You breathed in the kiss, making his more lustful. He quickly carried you and placed you on top of him as he sat on your spot. His kiss went down to your neck. He nibbled on your sensitive spots, leaving purple marks on them. While he kissed you and caressed your back fondly, you suddenly sang, “Touch me baby, touch me all night long…” in a breathy and moany tone.

Seungho did as he was told. He pushed you to lie on the couch. He quickly unbuttoned your top and threw it away. He kissed your neck like a madman, licking on your hot skin. You moaned slowly and sensually as he caressed your thighs, his fingers lingering under your skirt and just above your core. He quickened his fingers’ pace and slid them inside you. “Ah, oppa…” you moaned, biting your lip and making him look at you. “My hands where they ought to be, unleash that stuff…” he said in perfect English. It made you moan in delight and giggle. You moved your body to his fingers’ movements, making you wetter than before. “Come on baby…” he teased hard.

The magic continued as he pressed you against the wall just beside the door. He pumped hard against you with your legs wrapped around his torso. His hands were cupping your wrists for you not to be able to move while he did these dirty things to you.

“Seungho… the others might come back…” you whispered to him, biting your lips in pleasure. “Ugh… l-let’s stop for now, oppa…” you pleaded but no can do. Seungho just chuckled evilly and continued to thrust in you. “I don’t wanna stop, jagi ya…” he said in a sing-a-song tone. “Let me ravish you more…” he added as he locked the door. You closed your eyes and obliged to his touches.


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