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Seungho: Pillow Fight

Requested by: roxannatangerine

Hello, it’s been a while. I’ve been busy with school work so I didn’t have the time to make scenarios. This is a request so here it is. Thank you for requesting and everyone, also thank her for requesting! I hope you all enjoy it!

“Oppa, can you please lower the volume? I’m trying to finish my English paper…” you pleaded to Seungho. He was playing his usual video games inside your room where you were typing. You were wondering why he didn’t play at the dorm but you giggled when you realized he just wanted to be with you and maximize his free time by going to your house and accompanying you.

Seungho lowered the volume but as soon as you went back to typing, he secretly held the remote again and made the volume high again. He smirked as he continued to play without you noticing the high volume. After a while, you scratched your head. “Oppa, is it me or the TV sounds loud as it was before?” you blinked innocently at him. He chuckled at you as he defeated a ninja in his game. “Don’t mind it, jagi, it’s just you…” he said. That tone made you pout at him. You crawled over to him and go the remote. When you lowered the volume, you saw it changing from 77. “Yah! You told me you lowered the volume! It’s 77, oppa!” you yelled at him. You stood in front of him with your pillow and hit his head with it. He put down the controller after pausing the game as he hugged you tightly. “Hey! Don’t hug me, you!” you pushed him away and hit him again with your pillow. “Ha! Ha! You deserve that for being so mean, oppa!” you yelled as you ran towards the bed and away from him.

“Come back here, jagi… you bad girl…” he said silkily as he slowly walked towards you. You threw you pillow towards him so that it will hit him but instead, he caught it perfectly with his hands. Your eyes widened as he suddenly towered on top of you and grinned. “You bad girl…” he repeated.

“I wasn’t a bad girl… you were distracting me, I can’t finish my paper…” you whimpered cutely at him. “I was just trying to finish it… why do you have to be so mean to me, Seunghoooooo~” you added. Seungho was silent but he was looking at you. His dark look became softer. You began blinking your eyes repeatedly, your lashes adorning his face. “Why would do that, oppa? How could you, meanie?” you added again.

That tone of yours made his eyes shine with ardour. You had that innocent face and that innocent tone that made him weak. When you saw that his look became more vulnerable, that’s when you got another pillow and hit him with it. “Oww! That hurts, jagi!” he playfully said, grabbing a pillow for himself. He tried to hit you but you intercepted it with another swing. “You meanie! You meanie!” you shouted at him while you giggle. You quickly stood up and ran away from him. You two exchanged a fun pillow fight filled with giggles and chuckles. Seungho suddenly gave up and threw his pillow but before you could hit him, he hugged you from behind sweetly, making you giggle again and look at him. “Oppa?” you sweetly asked him.

Seungho inhaled your scent. He then kissed your shoulder lightly, making you blush. “Jagi, I’m sorry for disturbing you… I was just planning to get your attention…” he said. He made you blush harder with that statement. “If you want, I can help you… Oppa will help you finish your paper, my princess…” he told you. You smiled and turned to him fully, wrapping your arms around his neck. “Okay, oppa… thank you. I’m sorry for hitting your head too much…” you told him while ruffling his soft hair.


OMONA, was it okay? I was kind of having a hard time thinking of way you and Seungho would have a pillow fight. I hope it’s fine though. Thanks for reading! More requests?

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