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Thunder: Bubble Bath

Requested by: mikachi613

Thank you for the request :) This is my first time writing a Cheondoong scenario so I hope you like it :) Please enjoy reading!


You answered your phone as it rang from your pocket.

“Oppa? Yes, I’m about to go home. I’ll just send an email to my boss and then I’ll go there…” you sighed to yourself. “Are you okay? You don’t sound fine…” Cheondoong asked you worriedly. You sighed again and forced yourself to smile. “Oppa, I’m fine. It’s just that I have too many tasks here at the office and my head hurts already. But don’t worry, I’m done with all so that I could go home and rest…” you assured him nicely. You repeated that you were fine before Cheondoong could smile. “Okay, drive safely okay? You sure you don’t want me to fetch you?” he asked again. You nodded unknowingly and giggled. “It’s fine, just rest there. I know you’re more tired than me… see you in a bit, oppa?” you sweetly told him.

You were packing your bags now and you went to your car, smiling. Cheondoong was so sweet to you. He always calls you whenever you’re at work and he always sees to it that he dotes on you like a baby. You never saw him as a father figure before but you thought this is happening because of his experience in Hello Baby. You appreciate it so much and it makes you think that he cares for you a lot.

“Jagi ya! You’re back!” Cheondoong greeted you as you entered his room at the MBLAQ dormitory. He smiled at you before hugging you. You smiled at him and hugged him back, closing your eyes to savour the moment. “Oppa, I can’t breathe…” you admit, laughing away. “Omo! I’m sorry, jagi!” he said, letting go of you and arranging your clothes. “So how’s your trip home? I’m quite sure you’re more tired now…” he cooed at you. Before you could answer, you smelled something nice inside the room. You curled your nose, smelling the thing. “What’s that? It smells like flowers…” you asked Cheondoong.

Cheondoong smiled at you and slowly led you to the bathroom. “Since you’re so tired tonight, I have a gift for you… It will surely alleviate the pain in your body…” his hands were resting on your shoulders as you saw the tub full of water and bubbles. There was a little rubber duck toy at the side which made you giggle like a kid.

“Oppa! This is for me?” you were so shocked at what he made for you. He then started to take off his dress shirt and when you turned to him, you were shocked to see his famous white chocolate abs flashed in front of you. You covered your eyes quickly, blushing. “Yah! I thought it’s for me?” you asked him innocently. You pouted at him when he held you closer. “Jagi, I am a part of my gift. We’ll do this together, okay?” he chuckled as you two plunged in the tub.

You were sitting beside each other. You were so shocked and shy so you can’t help but to hug yourself to cover your body. Cheondoong just laughed and smiled at you. He pulled you closer to him and played with the bubbled in front of you. “Don’t be shy, jagi… come here…” he whispered. You were so awkward right so the only thing you could do is to pop the bubbled on his hands. “Haha, you’re so cute, my jagi…” he whispered again.

Cheondoong rested his head under your neck, making you blush harder. “Let’s do this often, jagi…” he said. You turned to him and smiled. “As long as we do this for fun, not because we’re both so tired, okay?” you cutely answered. He looked at you and pecked your lips lightly, making you shy once more. “What was that for?” you asked him.

“It’s for being so cute again…” he answered.


OMO~ this is really my first time though… *scratches head* how was it? :) Well, I can do more Thunder scenarios if anyone wants some again. I will try harder! So please look after me! *bow

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