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Thunder: T-Shirt

Requested by: mikachi613

This is the scenario request: when he comes back home to find you sleeping in one of his shirts” since it sounds like something cute. I hope you guys enjoy this! :)

“Leo-ah, time for your medicine~” you told Leo sweetly as he automatically runs to you and sit on your lap. “Leo-ah, I told you not to run, you’re still sick…” you told him and touched his nose with your finger. You got his medicine and he obediently drank it. You made him drink water and you made him lie down. “You have to rest so that you’ll be better. Don’t worry, noona will take care of you while appa is not around, okay?” you offered two fingers towards him as he shook it with his little hand. “Okay… isn’t appa coming home yet?” he asked. You stroked his hair and smiled. “He texted me already. He said they’ll be here in a while… there seems to be heavy traffic outside…” you told him.

“Okay… don’t leave me here, noona…” he told you cutely while rubbing his eyes. “I won’t. I’ll be here…” you assured the little kid. Surprisingly, he slept immediately and soundly under your care. “I bet he misses his appas, Lauren and Dayoungie so much. Don’t worry, Leo-ah, I’ll take care of you so you can go out with them next time…” you told him with a soft voice while he slept. You continued to stroke his hair caringly.

You were dozing off but you kept yourself awake. You drank hot tea and it only made you sleepier. You also ate chocolates but it only made you sleepier and more relaxed.

“Noona… I feel so cold…” Leo sniffed. He was half-awake. You quickly approached him and listened. “You’re cold? Ooh, what to do~” you asked yourself. You looked at yourself and you were wearing a fluffy sweater. It was thick and it would warm Leo for sure, you thought. “Here…” you took off the sweater and made him wear it. You made him lie down again as you tucked him carefully to sleep. “You won’t feel cold anymore, Leo-ah…” you told him while singing a lullaby.

This time, you were the one who’s feeling cold. You were only wearing a white shirt under that sweater. You hugged yourself but you tried to be strong for Leo.

“Jagi? Jagi?” Cheondoong called from outside the door. When he opened it, he saw you hugging Leo tightly, making him comfortable in your touch. Leo laid his head on your chest as you two slept soundly. Leo looked stuffed but warm and comfortable in your sweater.

What caught Cheondoong’s attention was that you were wearing one of his T-shirts. It was a skin-colored 3/4 shirt. You looked so cute in it, he thought. Your caramel brown hair accented the flesh color of the shirt like an angel. He never thought you would look so pretty in his clothes. He just walked towards you and stroked your hair lightly. He kissed your forehead and smiled at you. “Good job, jagi… I knew you could do it…” he whispered in your ear before changing into his own pyjamas. He lied next to Leo on the other side and when he hugged you two with his palm resting on your arm, you woke up slowly.

“Ah, oppa… you’re here…” you told him softly. “You look cute in my shirt…” he answered, making you blush in shyness. “L-Leo said he was cold so I gave him my sweater. It’s much warmer than your shirt, oppa… Sorry…” you said. Cheondoong just ruffled your hair and kissed your cheek. “It’s fine, jagi… You can wear all my shirts if you want, you look absolutely in them…” he said, making you blush more.


I hope it’s fine :) Thank you for reading this scenario!

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