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Changmin: Fanboy (Chapter Five)

Changmin stared deeply into your eyes. Those flashy orbs that almost caused a seizure inside your heart… and also, you two were alone in that dark alley way too…

What if he already knows you’re a woman? With the way he acted earlier, you got frightened thinking about what he can do to you once he finds out you made one big fat lie just for him to notice you in the crowd of fans. What if he beats you up and tells the whole world that you deceived Shim Changmin and Dong Bang Shin Ki? Of course, fans will be angry and not only that, they will stalk you and bother you to death…

“M-Mianhae…” that was the only word that can escape from your mouth out of fear.

“Mianhae…? That’s the only thing you can say right now?” Changmin angrily said with a low tone.

“I-I… I didn’t mean to”

“I told you already… when we meet again and you aren’t as strong as I am, I will be the one to bully you… have you forgotten already…?” he leaned closer to your lips, making you twice a scared. Although, what he said somewhat got you sighing in relief. You looked away slightly and absorbed his reason.

Oh, so that was why he got mad… about what happened at the airport earlier…

You shyly looked at Changmin with your teary doe eyes. “I-I’m sorry, hyung… I just didn’t know how to react earlier at the airport… i-if I hurt you or if I did something that didn’t suit your taste, please do forgive me… I won’t be like that again in the future… I promise…” you slowly looked down as tears slowly filled the surface of your eyes.

Rather than getting madder, for some reason, Changmin felt his heart thump loudly against his chest. Your eyes widened upon seeing him touch his chest gently while turning away from you. You stood upright and breathed heavily. “H-Hyung…?” you asked. When you were about to touch his arm with your soft hand, Changmin quickly got your wrist, making you wince a bit. “A-Ah-“

“Don’t…” he breathed. It made you blush, feeling his fingers trembling. What was he thinking right now?

Changmin could not believe what was happening to him. Why did he guy… a person of the same sex… make his heart suddenly beat fast? What was he thinking? What did he really feel right now? Did he just feel this because of too much anger…? But no… it couldn’t be like that… it was something else, he was sure of it… but what was it exactly?

“Don’t tell me…” you whispered to himself, touching his lips gently. “Hyung… what is it…?” you softly rested your hands on top of his shoulders, rubbing them gently and quite sensually in Changmin’s opinion. His eyes widened in shock when he felt that sudden surge of energy fill his insides again. “Y-Yah…” he looked at you while holding onto your wrists again. “You’re forgiven…” he then shoved your hands away from him.

You blinked innocently when you saw him walking away, leaving you. “Hyung, wait for me! I thought you weren’t mad anymore!” you cooed as you patted his arm again. “Yah, just don’t touch me like that again and I won’t get mad at you!” you can see a slight pout forming on Changmin’s lips, making you laugh childishly. He stared at you while you two walked back to the hotel. “And now you’re laughing at me, you creepy little bastard?” he asked. “Ani, you just look cute when you pout, hyung!” you smiled sheepishly at him.

You swore to the Gods you saw him blush while he avoided your sight. When you rode the elevator, you giggled to yourself but of course, you did it when Changmin wasn’t looking at you.

The next day, you gathered along with Yunho and Changmin at the beach with the staff surrounding you. You sat alongside the two as you finished your make-up with the coordi noonas. Yunho wore a simple and thin white button polo over khaki shorts along with a pair of dark glasses while Changmin wore a thin light grey long sleeved shirt over white pants.

You still wore your robe inside the small tent. When the coordi noonas handed you an outfit they arranged, you looked at it with caution. It was a peach V-neck shirt over brown short pants which looked like pedals. “Thank you, noona!” you bowed and smiled at the three girls. They smiled back at you before you turned and looked for somewhere to dress up. You kept looking and turning around like a lost kid and because of that, Changmin eventually got irritated.

“Yah, dress up quickly so we can start already…” he suddenly pulled the side of your robe and whispered in your ear. “A-Ah, hyung, I’ll just find a place to change…” you looked at him shyly. “What? Do it here. It’s fine. We’ll be running out of time if we start late. Besides, we have a lot of activities today…” he answered back, making you gulp.

You can’t possibly change in front of two guys and the other staff members. You’re a girl, for Pete’s sake… but you can’t blame Changmin for getting a bit frustrated since you’re still pretending to be a man.

“Come on, Changdola, let him change privately… maybe he’ll just get more shy if he does it in front of us, right ____-ssi?” Yunho smiled warmly at you. While he walked towards you, you nodded slowly at him. “Come on, Yunho-hyung will find you a place to change…” he told you.

“No! Hyung, let me go with him instead!” Changmin suddenly stood up while raising his right arm lightly. You got surprised with his sudden reaction that you dropped the clothes prepared for you. “Changdola?” Yunho blinked and pouted at him. At that, he broke into a chuckle. “Is that really you? This is the first time you’ve done something like this! Haha! Why did you suddenly get so worked up with what I said?” Yunho kept chuckling while he looked at Changmin. “Nothing much…” Changmin furrowed his brows.

He saw you looking away shyly when he turned to you. It made him scoff in irritation again. ”Yah, let’s just go already…” Changmin just walked away, dragging you with him. Little did he know, your cheeks reddened so much when he held your hand and clasped it with his.

“Wh-What should I do…? Ch-Changmin’s just behind th-that wall and he’s waiting for me to change… wh-what if…?” you then turned to your left. “H-He would suddenly… look…? ____-ah, b-bbali… you shouldn’t let him see you…” you told yourself as you got hold of the knot of your robe. You undressed, revealing a set of female underwear you wore. You quickly buttoned your pants and pressed it down. While you panicked to unfold your top, Changmin suddenly breathed behind you. “You done?” he asked, making you gasp hard. “A-Almost!” you quickly replied and wore your top. You buttoned it and checked if your chest made bumps on the front. Luckily, the top’s loose enough to hide them. “I-I’m done, hyung…” you revealed yourself to him by stepping outside the opposite side of the wall.

Changmin narrowed his eyes upon laying his eyes on you. Nevertheless, he just turned back and walked away with you, about two steps ahead. You continued to look at him and decipher why he is acting around you like this. “What could be his problem…?” you asked yourself in a hushed tone.

For the whole day, you spent playing sports with Yunho and Changmin. At 3 in the afternoon, you played volleyball with Yunho and Changmin in the same team and three other coordi noonas with you. Other staff members make up the opposing team. You won three sets out of five and you were so proud of Changmin because he contributed the most points. You blushed while you exchanged cheers and applauses with him when you also scored. He would smirk at you and tell you ‘Good job’ whenever you spiked the ball in a powerful way.

“Ah!” one of the coordi noonas wasn’t able to catch the ball and so it flew away towards the western side of the shore. “Noona! Let me get it for you!” you smiled at her as you ran away voluntarily. The others looked at your direction and they saw that the ball went so far away, causing you to disappear in a while. “Guys! This is the best time for the surprise!” Yunho gathered the staff quickly. “Bbali! Before he returns!” he looked so excited when he said that.

“But… don’t you think one of us should follow him? That guy can be such a pain in the neck when it comes to these things… he easily gets lost and he’s just a wimp so I think someone should always be there when he goes out alone and…” Changmin scratched his head while asking in a sloppy way, pretending not to be too concerned about you. Yunho looked at him with a curious expression upon his face. “What exactly did you mean by that, Changmin-ah?” Yunho asked him.

Changmin noticed how the coordi noonas and other staff members looked at him. He felt like they were giving him judging looks and they were thinking about silly things about him caring so much for someone with the same sex as him. Even Yunho looked at him with a cute but interested look. His face directly giving him the statement ‘Changmin, you care so much about our little dongsaeng’ and he wouldn’t want others to continue to gossip.

“Never mind…” he then raised his hand and waved it to distract the people from his current reverie. He slightly curved his lips in awkwardness while raising a brow too. Maybe some of them thought too deeply of what he said but alas, he just smirked at them before walking away. “Come on, let’s arrange the surprise already…” he called his hyung and the others.

Your smile widened as you found the ball slowly rolling towards the inner forest behind the shoreline. Luckily, it didn’t get too dirty with all the sand and soil that hit its smooth covering. You picked it up and cooed at it cutely. “There you are, you little ball…” you patted it gently as you turned back. “Now, time to go back to the game!” you happily giggled to yourself while marching back.

“Guys! I got the ball back!” you skipped above the sandy surface of the shore and cheekily smiled as you got back.


The loud cheers of the staff and Yunho greeted you.

This scene… it was so familiar… a purple umbrella beside a striped green and white towel over a reclining bamboo chair. Also, that same pineapple and orange blended juice with a cute little pink parasol on top of the glass… and… that too-familiar two-piece you wore on the picture in your entry…

Is this… the same scene with your unnie?

You got more emotional when you saw Changmin smirking at you. He looked so comforting and caring while he stood at the middle of the staff that accompanied you three. His arms were crossed but his lips tell his feelings otherwise. He looked so happy for you for their surprise. He absolutely made you happy just by standing there and supporting the group with his presence.

“G-Guys…” you mumbled, already teary-eyed.