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Changmin: Food

Okay, lol, so tonight I had to refresh my mind regarding my fanfics and so I have another Changmin scenario for you guys. My mind is just boom and zoom and shroom right now and I don’t even know why I can’t write so much… maybe because I’m self-conscious with my sister around. Anyways, here’s another one before I continue with my current fanfic :) I hope you guys enjoy this and I hope you understand me :)

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Changmin: The Smart Guy

Okay. Oh my gosh, I just had the desire to write this Changmin sceanrio. Please enjoy it  though and forgive my dirty mind :)


“So… what’s the answer, class?” the strict-looking teacher asked the class again. She has been calling several times but no one seemed to know the answer to her difficult question.

You, after thinking deeply, finally found the answer inside your huge storage of knowledge inside your brain. You decided to raise your hand slowly, also because your classmates, especially the girls, sometimes think you’re too obnoxious for their league. They think you’re always showing off to your teachers. Thus, you get high grades for recitation.

Alas, another hand rose.

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Yunjae: Confession

Okay guys, forgive me if this isn’t as effective as my other creations. This is my first time writing a Yunjae scenario so… It might not be the best but please look at me prettily. I’ll work hard to enhance my Yunjae writing skills too, starting from today. So you can go ahead and request Yunjae if you like! It’s open now! Thank you for understanding :)

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Junsu: The Boss’s Daughter

Requested by: anonymous

Anonie! Here’s your request! I hope you like it! Same goes for the other readers :) Woo, it was hard to write this scenario and I don’t know why but yeah, enjoy!

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Junsu: Dancing Feet

Requested by: anonymous

Here’s your request, anonie! It’s been a while since I last posted a scenario but I think I’m too inspired to make a rated Junsu scenario so here it is! It is rated but it’s kinda scary and creepy and oufhaedighbadpibip okay I don’t wanna spoil you anymore. Please enjoy!

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Changmin: Royal Flush

You smirked as you hold your cards tightly on your hands.


Royal Flush.

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Changmin: Protecting You

Requested by: mikachi613

This is the original request: Can I request a Changmin scenario where he gets into a fight protecting you and you clean his wounds? Thanks :)

It’s done! It had fighting scenes but it’s not too violent just to be sure :) Please enjoy it and let me know what you think :) Lots of thank you!

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Changmin: English Lesson

You opened the door to Changmin’s room with your arms crossed. You see him lying on his bed on his stomach with a thick book plopped open in front of him.

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Junsu: Jagi’s Cute Revenge

Requested by: akijunsu

The original request is a scenario in which you make Junsu suuperrr embarrassed. Thanks again for requesting! I made this super cute since Junsu looks so cute when he’s embarrassed! Haha! Well, here it is! Enjoy reading!

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Yunho: A Little Push

Note: Yunho’s character here is based from his character in Dating on Earth: that nerdy chairperson who still gets the girls though I kinda tweaked it a little bit so it would fit the scenario. Oh well, he DOES make a really handsome nerd, don’t you think?

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Jaejoong: The Boss

This is for yunholic! Annyeong, unnie hopes you’ll like this because she made it for you. I really took time to think about a perfect scenario for Jaejoong since this is the first time I’d do something with him in it :) Jae’s character here is slightly based from PTB, by the way. Just to let you know :” hihihi~ Thanks again for the request :) Enjoy :)

Please don’t hate me or judge me, I’m just fulfilling the request of my lovely friend :)

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