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Okay, it’s making me kinda sad now but not because of the issue but because I tweeted Seungho late. I hope he sees it though so that he knows I also support him.

Please, please let him see it and other late messages for him too. So that he can smile again for us.

Okay, so I am late in this Seungho thing but I won’t say anything since he didn’t do anything wrong and well, these dramas usually happen in Kpop fandoms.

So I’m just here, continuing to support him and MBLAQ.

And I miss them so that’s all.

A+, please do not mind these hate and please be stronger as a family, okay?

Will always love you. Will always be proud A+.

Manners, manners, manner, right? Seungho appa taught us that ^^

IDC but I always liked the sound of BLAQ%. It’s a badass song for the teaser OMG SEUNGHO

ifhoadbufgaduigbguubgpadibfhipadfbaidfipadbipad IDK so perfect okay

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Bias Survey

Pick your top 5 biases and answer the questions

1. Lee Joon (MBLAQ)
2. Yunho (DBSK)
3. Seungho (MBLAQ)
4. Changmin (DBSK)
5. Junsu (JYJ/ DBSK)

What do you like about 4?

His voice is my favorite among DBSK members because it’s powerful and strong. And his snarky comments just makes me fall in love with him more! He’s not the usual idol who keeps on saying flowery words. he is honest and he only says what he needs to say.

Is 2 an alcoholic?

I think he has moderate drinking and also moderate tolerance

Can 1 sing?

Yes. His voice is soft, dreamy and just breath-taking.

Is 5 in a relationship?

I don’t know… but I don’t think so.

Would you go out with 3?


Is 2 hot?


Can 3 cook?

I’m not sure ‘cause mama Byunghee usually cooks.

Do you know if 1 plays an instrument?

hmmmm… do you, Joon oppa?

What do you like about 1?

He doesn’t care about his image, be it smart/ pabo/ anything. he is artistic and I love how he can express himself without being shy about it or regretting it. He’s precious in that way.

Has 4 had any solo albums?

Nope, only solo songs.

Would you set-up pair 2 and 5 together?

Hosu! :) not a big shipper of them but I love their brotherhood. And their synchronized handstands.

Do you think 3 would be a good parent?


What do you like about 2?

He is perfection. I love how I do not read bad fan accounts about him. he is such a good man and I also love his strength. I envy his strength and I like how he doesn’t cry just because. but I think he should cry more so that he won’t explode because of hidden emotions.

Can 5 dance?

YES HE IS DAZZLING, SON. You better see him do hip thrusts and extreme dance moves.

Can 1 act?

Yes oh yes! I love his acting, okay? He is very good. and he debuted in Hollywood with Papa Rain.

Would 3 take drugs?


Would 4 bail you out of jail?

Umm… that I don’t know. Changmin oppa…? /no i guess not /gets bricked by oppa

Has 2 been on reality tv?

I’m not sure… -_- help?

Out of 1 and 5 who would be more likely to ask you out?

I’m not being a douchebag but I think 1 would ask me out more than 5. I don’t know, maybe 5 can too, but his members said he cares about the body of his girl… and I don’t think 1 cares about that at all.

Is 5 tall?

He is but not as tall as his other members (I meant DB5K)

Has 3 done anything embarrassing in public?

Many things. but he still looks manly though

Do you like 4’s current hair style?

YES! HE HAS A NEW HAIRCUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD and he looks younger in it!

Is 2 gay?


Would 3, 4 and 2 have a cross-dressing show?

the way you included 4, NO I DON’T THINK THAT’S GONNA HAPPEN. Actually, 3 and 2 noth look like they won’t do it either

Would 1 go skinny dipping?


Does 3 remind you of anyone you know?

No. I haven’t seen any man like him.

Would 5 watch porn?


Is 2 single?

;_; as much as I would like him to have a happy family, I think he is single ;_;

Would you marry 1 but then have them divorce you 6 months later; marry 2 but have them run away a year later; date 3 but then lose them in a car crash a year later; date 4 but then break up 2 years later or sleep with 5 and have them or you pregnant?

None :)

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Oh no, OMG, it keeps playing through the show! HAHAHA LOL OMG they keep playing the chorus part!

OMG I am watching JBJ Show right now and I spazzed when MBLAQ’s This is War played while Yunho and Leeteuk were talking XD haha!

I don’t curse at people here but seriously, don’t read this if you’re one hell of fucker.

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Lee Joon did U Know’s part during the ending of Rising Sun TT TT tears in my eyes

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They used the original recording. OT5 music video behind them. Dance moves. OT% voices. MBLAQ. DBSK. Fandom clash. OMG perfection. MBLAQ thank you. I know you guys look up to your sunbaenims so much. I am proud of you guys. I miss OT5 too much because of you but I’m happy sjubfaiobgipadbpviabipbpi THANK YOU OMG I LOVE YOU.

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Thunder: T-Shirt

Requested by: mikachi613

This is the scenario request: when he comes back home to find you sleeping in one of his shirts” since it sounds like something cute. I hope you guys enjoy this! :)

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OMG just looking at gifs of Hello Baby’s last episode makes me cry so much >.<

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Thunder: Bubble Bath

Requested by: mikachi613

Thank you for the request :) This is my first time writing a Cheondoong scenario so I hope you like it :) Please enjoy reading!


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Mir: One Piece

Requested by: fuckyeahmblaqconfessions

This is a Mir scenario where in you’re reading one of his One Piece mangas and accidentally rip it and he gets really angry but you calm him down. Hi Cristina, this is for you! Thanks again for requesting, ne? Don’t hesitate to ask for more! Please enjoy it! To the readers, please enjoy it too :) This is my first Mir scenario :) kkkk~

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Seungho: A Game with my Jagi ya

To the anon who requested this (SD request), I hope you like it :) It took me quite a while to make it beautiful and effective so I hope you all like it! XD thank you for reading!

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Seungho: Inside the Plane (Version 2)

Here’s a bonus scenario for you guys since I was too impatient with the internet connection here and all I could do is think of scenarios. Here’s another version of you and Seungho taking a trip but he is in the mood during the plane ride. Please read and enjoy!

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