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I found the time to tally my views on TVXQ’s brand new album, Catch Me :)

Here it is!

CATCH ME - so okay, this title track is so amazing. It feels so futuristic yet also present. The strong dance aura of it is what makes me dance whenever I listen to it. Even if I still haven’t memorized the entire robotic dance of Yunho and Changmin, I had to create my own dance whenever I listen to it. It is just too good for dancing. Good job, guys!

DESTINY - sexy. goddamn sexy, okay? I feel like this is the second “Before U Go” but that’s just me. Well, maybe it’s between this and Good Night. All in all, this song is so sexy I cannot speak anymore.

DREAM - I don’t know why but this song makes me feel like a child again. Although I’m not that old, I feel bouncy and giddy on my seat while listening to this song. My roommate even laughed me and said I look like a kid while dancing to this track.

GETAWAY - This is totally a rock song. I don’t listen to it much but I feel that this is a strong one in the album. Though it’s not my favorite, the fact that they created a rock song… this made many fan girls’ dreams come true.

GORGEOUS - I like the “hey gorgeous” part in the chorus. This is not one of my favorites but this song is also good.

HOW ARE YOU - gosh this song is so sweet. My heart is fluttering whenever I listen to this song. And I love how it sounds so calm in my ears. It is a pleasant song when you’re just feeling down and out. This song will make you sleep in its softness.

I DON’T KNOW - this song, I know since Tone. Right, Cassies? Of course, most of us love the Japanese version more but I Don’t Know is such an awesome song with an awesome dance!

I SWEAR - first of all, Changmin, you did a great job with the lyrics. I almost teared up when I first heard it. Yunho and Changmin’s voices are very soft and heavenly. And I heard that this song is for the fans? Or something like that? I don’t know but yeah, I love this song so much because it gives me security whenever I feel down and lost.


VIVA - another sexy rap song. I love this song too because of their sexy rap voices. Changmin, just… just shut up ‘caus your rap is killing me with oozing sexiness. His voice is just so sexy when he raps. I mean, yes Yunho, you are my bias but Changmin is ruining my life endlessly, especially in this song.

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Jaejoong: The Rose Hidden By Thorns (Chapter 7)

Before Jaejoong could finally go out from the palace with Yihan, he came across the room where his father died. He suddenly stopped walking and turned to it with an emotionless look. Yihan looked at him with a somewhat worried expression upon his eyes but nonetheless, he just patted Jaejoong’s shoulder to comfort him. “My Lord, let’s go…” he said. “No, wait… I just…” Jaejoong’s eyes narrowed a bit. “I just want to talk to him before I go… who knows; maybe this is the last time I could talk to him without seeing him in figure…” Jaejoong looked at Yihan with a nod. At that, Yihan just stepped back a bit to show that he agrees with what Jaejoong will do next.

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Changmin: 1888 (Chapter Three)

While walking beside Changmin, you felt a bit uncomfortable.

You were wearing this blood red gown with a tight bodice and along your right thigh was a slit revealing your delicate skin. You touched that side with utmost care as you went down the staircase from outside Changmin’s manor. A marble carriage with a decent- looking servant of his stood before the two of you and bowed. “Good evening, Lord Changmin, milady. I am thinking correctly that our destination for tonight will be the River Thames, right?” he asked.

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Changmin: 1888 (Chapter Two)


That was the feeling inside your heart right now as you stood up from your chair. Changmin just left you alone inside the dining room with a depressed look upon his features.

Once you got to the hallways, you searched for Changmin’s room immediately. You did not have second thoughts. The only thing in your mind is to find a way to comfort him. Even if he’s not the Changmin you know from the present time, he is still Shim Changmin. He had the same features and somehow, you can see your best friend’s personality in him too. You walked through the third floor hallways to see if he was there and as if on cue, you saw an open door with a hint of light coming out of it. You decided to see if it was really your desired destination.

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Jaejoong: The Rose Hidden By Thorns (Chapter 6)

Jaejoong coughed blood constantly, groping his chest in pain. “Tsch… dammit, I should’ve known she was after me too…” he mumbled to himself.

“My Lord!” someone was running towards him. It was Yihan and he quickly helped the man with the higher rank stand on both feet. He let Jaejoong’s arm fall over his shoulder as he assisted him. Jaejoong coughed again, making Yihan turn to him worriedly. “What happened, my Lord?” he asked. “Just take me to the infirmary. I’ll… try to explain everything later…” he ended their conversation at that order.

Meanwhile, So Yeon was inside her room, unfolding a scroll.

I’ll be fine, So Yeon… don’t tell anyone about your identity no matter what happens…

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Changmin: 1888 (Chapter One)

“B-But…” you blinked at the familiar stranger.

You stifled a yelp when you suddenly felt your body involuntarily jumping on the bed. You gulped to see this person named Shim Changmin directly beside you, having his arms on both your sides, blocking your way of escape. He had a cocky smirk on his lips, making you more nervous of what he can do next. He stared at you with dominance, making your heartbeat more rapid. It was so fast that it choked you of speech already. “P-Please don’t hurt me…” you just begged him with a small voice.

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Changmin: 1888 (Prologue)

I’m here already. Are you sure I should only clean your room? Your whole house is messy! ^^;

Just clean my room, ____-ah. I’ll handle the rest. Sorry for bothering you! I’m just so busy with work, I can’t clean alone! Thanks again for your help! Chu~

Kkkk~ it’s fine. Let’s have dinner when you get home. I’ll cook. Chu~

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Changmin: 1888

This is so much of an AU fanfic but I hope you guys enjoy it. It’s been a while since I wrote about Changmin and yes, he gives me feels every time I see him. I can safely say that this is an original creation of mine. I just thought about it and boom, yes I have to write it down. *Note: I’ll write this consecutively with my Jaejoong fic so don’t fret!

Synopsis: You looked through your best friend’s old stuff while cleaning his house, finding yourself in an unknown place where in you meet Shim Changmin in another place during a different time.

Jaejoong: The Rose Hidden By Thorns (Chapter 5)

“What?!” Jaejoong angrily stood up and glared at Yihan.

“What did you just say?! No, that can’t be! How did you find out about this?!” he threw the scrolls away from his table violently. Yihan calmly bowed to his senior. He remained composed, the complete opposite of how Jaejoong is right now. “My Lord, I saw them walking inside the northern woods as I was going to the gisaeng house. I then heard your wife said that they’ll reach the border which was just ahead of the trails. I’m sorry to inform you so late about this, Sir Kim. I’m deeply sorry…” he bowed his head lower to show his apology.

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Jaejoong: The Rose Hidden By Thorns (Chapter 4)

After you cried silently inside your room, you got up from your futon and slowly rubbed your eyes. Just then, you heard a faint knock on your door, making you turn to it. “Yes…?” you called softly.

“It’s eommoni… I heard you sniffing from across the hall…” she whispered, as if her mouth was pressed tightly against your door. Looking at that direction, you sighed and slowly approached to open the door. You let your mother in and you made sure your eyes looked more normal than earlier. It was less red now but it still had the sore that your hour-long crying provided.

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Jaejoong: The Rose Hidden By Thorns (Chapter 3)

Jaejoong’s cold eyes met the gisaeng’s. Slowly, he pointed his sword towards her, making her gasp in fear.

“My Lord!” you shouted as you stood up in panic and held onto his free hand resting on his side. “Please! Let it go! She doesn’t deserve such treatment from a man! She’s still a woman!” you tried to convince him, your eyes bloodshot open. Your heart trembled inside your chest. You didn’t know what Jaejoong could do if you won’t stop him immediately. His eyes could kill thousands just by staring at them. You know the gisaeng did you wrong but still, she is a woman and a woman must be treated well by a man.

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Jaejoong: The Rose Hidden By Thorns (Chapter 2)

You gulped nervously upon hearing the faint knock on your door. You didn’t have the courage to look back and acknowledge who it was.

“C-Come in…” you mumbled softly.

The door slowly opened as Jaejoong entered, wearing a soft and warm light pink Hanbok. He saw you sitting at the far end of the room, making him smirk in amusement. “I know it’s not a brand new inquiry… but why are you hiding from me, milady…?” he asked. He knew how you were fearful of his cold exterior and he found it rather entertaining. That difficult obstacle he had to surpass just to get your heart beating rapidly against your wondrous chest, it was just funny to him.

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Jaejoong: The Rose Hidden By Thorns (Chapter 1)

Brushing through the busy crowd of Hanyang, you finally got to your destination. It was this small shop where an adult lady who looked like she was one from the lower classes. You smiled at her as you lightly carried your straw basket. “Miss! It’s nice to see you again today!” she told you, quickly bowing.

You giggled lightly, covering your mouth in a lady-like way. “Oh, it’s nice to see you too, madame. Are my herbs ready?” you asked her, browsing through the line full of dried green leaves and prepared small bags of grated and crushed spices. While the lady prepared what you will buy from her, you turned to your surroundings. You noticed how many people worked today. Whether they were men delivering wood and flint or women weaving and stitching, it was quite astonishing to see how the capital works hard for a stable economy.

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Jaejoong: The Rose Hidden By Thorns

Okay… so forgive me for having thoughts of making a Joseon Era fanfic (okay so I had to research some facts about the era but my hard work will pay off if this comes out nice…). Please pardon my growing love for Kim Kyung Tak (and if there are some mistakes in the historical context, please do forgive me T___T). I love Jaejoong but I got to love his character even if he’s the second male lead. I had to do it… and I don’t know how to express it but with this. I hope no one would hate for doing this though :) I’m sure I’m not the only one who likes Kyung Taki though… anyhow, please enjoy!

*To remind everyone, I used some of the real names of the characters in Dr. Jin here so please bear with me :) thank you!

Synopsis: Your reputation must be saved. Your father was both the best friend and the killer of Public Officer Kim Jaejoong’s father, the Left State Minister. In order to pay for your family’s crimes, your mother succumbs to Jaejoong’s wish to have you as his wife.

I cannot express how I love my Dr. Jin OTP. Kyung Taki, Young Hwi, I love you two!