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Yunho: Spellbound (Final Chapter)

In two weeks time, you felt that everything came back to normal.
You still continued to go home to Yunho’s during those weeks but you felt lighter this time, not minding that anyone would see you entering his car and going out together. You would eat out with him without hesitating if any student would find out that something was indeed happening between the two of you.

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Yunho: Spellbound (Chapter 9)

It was quiet. The deafening silence was about to kill you first before you could even look at what was happening outside.

"You idiot… H-How could you…? I didn’t even tell you to come get me… a-all I wanted was for you to stay out of this mess but here you are, sacrificing yourself to someone like me… y-you’re an idiot…" you brokenly narrated to yourself. You cried silently. "Y-Yunho…" your sniffing was louder than what was happening outside the car. You were still scared of what Yunho would look like if he…

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Yunho: Spellbound (Chapter 8)

Yunho’s attention was averted to a stiffled scream from inside Spellbound.

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Yunho: Spellbound (Chapter 7)

A curious girl raised her hand in class. “Seonsaengnim, why is Yunho-seonsaengnim absent again today?” she asked.

The female substitute who is the teacher for four sections in your batch just smiled at her. “Mr. Jung has to attend to important errands today so he can’t go to school. But he informed me that he’ll come back tomorrow, he just has to fetch her mother from the airport or something like that…” she used what Yunho told her.

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Yunho: Spellbound (Chapter 6)

It was already past midnight and you were still sitting outside the terrace, thinking.

It has been over two weeks since you got to know the substitute literature teacher, Jung Yunho. it’s hard to imagine what happened in the past weeks because there were just many. He is a kind man who takes care of his students but after school, he turns into this charismatic gentleman that could take his date anywhere, to a street food stall or a fancy hotel restaurant, and still make her feel lovely. And it came to a point that you considered even running away from home and just staying at his house because of the comfort and care he’s given you.

"…can’t sleep?" a voice billowed behind you.

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Yunho: Spellbound (Chapter 5)

"I see your student’s doing better…"

"She’s doing pretty good. YOU’RE doing pretty good, Jung!"

"She recited five times during class. I was surprised!"

More teachers approached your handsome class adviser to report about how you improved so much ever since he came. Yunho found it amazing that you actually started to attend classes again. And with flying colors too. You didn’t complain to the teachers about giving quizzes or graded recitations. You submitted homework on time too. And you even treated your teachers with respect starting today.

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Yunho: Spellbound (Chapter 4)

A sudden line of heat touched your cheek, making you slowly open your eyes. Your hand felt the soft sheets of a white bed when you sat upright and rubbed your still droopy eyes.


White sheets? A bed? I don’t even have a bed at home…

W-Wait, where the hell am I?

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Yunho: Spellbound (Chapter 3)

”_____-ssi, I-“

"Get out!!! If I see you after I count 1-5, I swear I’ll kill you!!!" you shouted violently as you pointed your finger at him. Yunho’s eyes widened at how your tears continuously fell from your eyes. He saw that your whole body was trembling and he tried to reach you with his hand.

”_____-ssi…” he stopped himself from moving.

"P-Please…" you started to cry because of too much shame. "P-Please get out… please leave m-me a-alone…" you couldn’t look at his face anymore. You hugged yourself tightly with the blanket still wrapped around your whole body. "I-I… I’m… sorry…" Yunho’s breath was broken as he hurriedly wore his clothes. You peaked at him and saw how sorry he looked when he got out of the room. You continued to cry inside the bedroom, regretting everything that just happened.

"…why is she working in such a place?" the 29-year old teacher asked himself. He looked very angry as he got into his car. He started his engine while gritting his teeth.

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Yunho: Spellbound (Chapter 2)

Spellbound Night Club.

This is where I work at night. I am a dancer here and men would pay me dozens of wons. I earn as much as 1,196,000 won per night. This is where I get money to pay for my latter fees at school, our house’s rent and our food. My father is so mentally depressed to even start looking for a job again. He just drinks and drinks all day and all night with his remaining salary. I’m not stopping him. He might just have the urge to beat me up and stop sending me to school. Yes, I pay my fees but he’s still the one in-charge at home.

I just hate it.

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Yunho: Spellbound (Chapter 1)

It’s Monday. You hated Mondays because classes have to start again.

As you lazily closed the last two upper buttons of your uniform, you entered the gates with your small bag behind you. You didn’t bring much to school. You just made sure you have your allowance, pen, at least two pieces of annoying paper for quizzes and…

And the costume assigned for tonight.

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Yunho: Spellbound (Prologue)

I hate my family. My dad just got fired from his fifth job and I still can’t forgive my mother when she left us for another man. I am the only child. I should be happy, getting all the gifts that I want from them but no. I am the one who studies hard just to “thank” them for paying for my fees.
I hate going to school. I hate doing homework. I hate my teachers. They always shout at me. Why? I can’t stop cutting class because they’re all so boring and stiff. They’re so strict when it comes to deadlines. They don’t accept papers when they are not passed during class. What if the printer in our library just broke? Can we do anything about it? No, we can’t.

I hate my life. I just… hate it so much.

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Yunho: Spellbound

Hey followers! It’s been thousands of years since I last posted a story! :3 this will act as my comeback piece and this Yunho story will be based on their comeback, Spellbound (since that song is super awesome and sexy and happy and hot and just perfect I cannot). Though there’s just an element of the mv that I will use, I still hope you guys will appreciate it :3 so here it is! (cheers to my free time!)

Synopsis: You were pretty much the campus’ number one delinquent. You did not do your homework and you always cut classes. When your teachers catch you, you just bicker with them and walk out. What they didn’t know is that you were keeping a deep secret about why you lived a life of delinquency. Safe to say, no one can break that personality of yours until a new teacher named Jung Yunho arrives.


I found the time to tally my views on TVXQ’s brand new album, Catch Me :)

Here it is!

CATCH ME - so okay, this title track is so amazing. It feels so futuristic yet also present. The strong dance aura of it is what makes me dance whenever I listen to it. Even if I still haven’t memorized the entire robotic dance of Yunho and Changmin, I had to create my own dance whenever I listen to it. It is just too good for dancing. Good job, guys!

DESTINY - sexy. goddamn sexy, okay? I feel like this is the second “Before U Go” but that’s just me. Well, maybe it’s between this and Good Night. All in all, this song is so sexy I cannot speak anymore.

DREAM - I don’t know why but this song makes me feel like a child again. Although I’m not that old, I feel bouncy and giddy on my seat while listening to this song. My roommate even laughed me and said I look like a kid while dancing to this track.

GETAWAY - This is totally a rock song. I don’t listen to it much but I feel that this is a strong one in the album. Though it’s not my favorite, the fact that they created a rock song… this made many fan girls’ dreams come true.

GORGEOUS - I like the “hey gorgeous” part in the chorus. This is not one of my favorites but this song is also good.

HOW ARE YOU - gosh this song is so sweet. My heart is fluttering whenever I listen to this song. And I love how it sounds so calm in my ears. It is a pleasant song when you’re just feeling down and out. This song will make you sleep in its softness.

I DON’T KNOW - this song, I know since Tone. Right, Cassies? Of course, most of us love the Japanese version more but I Don’t Know is such an awesome song with an awesome dance!

I SWEAR - first of all, Changmin, you did a great job with the lyrics. I almost teared up when I first heard it. Yunho and Changmin’s voices are very soft and heavenly. And I heard that this song is for the fans? Or something like that? I don’t know but yeah, I love this song so much because it gives me security whenever I feel down and lost.


VIVA - another sexy rap song. I love this song too because of their sexy rap voices. Changmin, just… just shut up ‘caus your rap is killing me with oozing sexiness. His voice is just so sexy when he raps. I mean, yes Yunho, you are my bias but Changmin is ruining my life endlessly, especially in this song.

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